I Need Help for Myself

I need help!

When it comes to mental illness and many of the associated symptoms, including intense sadness, difficulties dealing with your emotions, abuse of alcohol and drugs, it can sometimes be difficult to admit you have a problem.

But, you’re here now.

We can help.

Many of our clients think their issue isn’t bad enough. They come to us with seeking information and help with finding and maintaining safe housing, long-term employment, and more. 

Your reasons for reaching out to us, whatever they may be,  suggest that you are already questioning whether or not you need professional help.

Continue to this page to learn more about how you can apply for services at CHOICES. 

Enrollment in CHOICES, Inc. programs is not automatic.

Individuals seeking services must:

a) Meet all eligibility criteria
b) Complete and turn in a registration packet
c) Schedule and attend a Screening Consultation
d) Meet with a clinician to complete a Behavioral Health Assessment

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